What will B2B Marketing Look Like in 2024? #B2Bbirthday

Congratulations to B2B Marketing Magazine, now celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

As part of the birthday celebrations, I was asked to provide my thoughts on what B2B marketing will look like in 10 years from now.

Here they are (more views at b2bmarketing.net/2024).

What do you think?

My dream is that B2B marketing will be a discipline people aspire to build a career in, rather than fall into. And that Cannes Lions will recognize B2B marketing excellence more than B2C.

My hope is that B2B marketers will base more and more decisions on fact not gut-feel, fuelled by greater insights and automation tools to scale out their marketing efforts. We’ll be fully in the land of real time, hyper-personalized marketing based on individual customer behavior. Campaigns and content will be tested on the fly to drive dynamic content at the point of interaction. 80% of marketing budgets will be spent on digital, not events.  And marketing will be seen as driving the business not supporting it.