Claims + Proof

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Strategic Planning

  • Significantly increased sales, tripling turnover within three years by identifying key target segments and developing go-to-market plan

Messaging & Value Propositions

  • Completely re-branded company within six months of tenure improving corporate messaging, core customer value propositions, branding, image and marketing collateral.

Demand Generation/Sales & Marketing Alignment

  • Introduced PPC lead programmes that increased revenues by 23% YOY.
  • Increased pipeline by 60% YOY, contact-to-lead conversion rate by 150% and lead-to-opportunity conversion rate by 50%.
  • Achieved daily telesales productivity increase by 189% over 12 months by coordinating telesales colleagues and creating completely new advertising revenue stream.
  • Created $361m pipeline activity by devising and implementing data-centric lead generation process and working across six product divisions and 12 sales teams.

Inbound Marketing (SEO, social, content)

  • Increased web traffic by 59% and time on site by 70% in just three months by introducing social media initiatives on twitter, linkedin, blog and viral videos.
  • Increased visitors in unbranded key terms by 279% in six months, increasing revenues by 30%.

Team Leadership

  • Up-skilled marketing team and prioritized objectives in four key areas: competitive intelligence, business development, strategic deal support and product marketing.
  • Led multi-national teams, based in US, EMEA and APAC.