The three Cs of marketing : Celebrities, custard and campaigns

We talk a lot about the value of integrated campaigns in marketing, and the nirvana of combining the online and the offline. So I was really pleased to see the latest GoDaddy campaign bring all these elements together.


It’s the one where “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” winner (and former football manager) Harry Redknapp relates, in a TV ad, the story of how when he was away in the jungle he missed not his wife but Jam Roly Poly puddings. So he went on to launch his own Roly Poly business, using of course GoDaddy’s web building services to create his business website.

It’s done with a wink and a good balance of wit & semi-seriousness that makes the ad somewhat believable and certainly relatable.

Of course, the marketer in me wanted to dig behind the scenes :

Q1 : Does exist? Of course it does.

Q2 : Can you buy a Harry’s Roly Poly? Yep,

Q3 : If so, who makes them? A specialist baker.

Q4 : OK, so how do they manage demand? Answer : orders are batched up, and baked then shipped on one day a week.

Q5 : So this is just a shameless way to sell cakes and make money? Nope : profits go to charity.

Order placed and I received a lovely package of cakey loveliness. And if there’s one way to win me over its with custard (included).

So a relatable, fun use case that invites customer interaction. An integrated campaign that combines offline and online. A donation to charity. And cake & custard. Love it!