Entering a new geographical market

I was delighted to be interviewed by marketo for their latest marketing guide "The Definitive Guide to International Market Entry & Expansion".

Over the course of last 10 years I've helped several businesses expand into new markets (be that North American companies coming to Europe or European businesses expanding Internationally) and its something I feel passionate about.

In particular, the ability of even the smallest business to build an emotional connection with their audiences through a wealth of cost effective technology options never dreamt of 10 years ago. Here I not only refer to social media and social sharing tools, but also marketing automation platforms such as marketo (which is why I guess I was asked to comment), eloqua and silverpop. For a few thousand dollars or so, companies can now curate content and share it with customers & prospects at the right time in their buying cycle, personalised to their particular requirements. Sprinkle on a comms personality that is distinctive, human and compelling and you have something that stands  out from the crowd. Even if you're the smallest of businesses! 

    Anyway, I recommend anyone in B2B Marketing with multi-segment responsibility to take a peek at the guide.