7 UK B2B marketing experts to follow in 2013 #b2b #marketing

It's 21.12 and as the year draws to a close here's the seven B2B marketing pros who've inspired me this year and are a must follow for 2013. All are UK based so there's more chance of you bumping into them over a pint in London then over an extra wet skinny vanilla soy latte in Palo Alto.


Bob Apollo. Seasoned sales professional who specialises in sales & marketing alignment. Not adverse to a few military analogies get him in if you need to bridge the gap.


Doug Kessler. Content marketing supremo with more edge than a dodecapolyhedron. He's re-writing the (e)Book on what content marketing is over at Velocity Partners towers.


René Power. B2B marketing dynamo, who's just published the great (some say brilliant) Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing guide with Dave Chaffey.


Bryony Thomas. One woman consulting machine, pushing the boundaries of B2B marketing and about to seriously challenge UK business with her Watertight Marketing initiative.


Will McInnes. Not for his B2B marketing chops per se, but for his passion for a new, more socially responsible way of doing business. Read Culture Shock for more.


Martin Macdonald. What this man doesn't know about Seo, web & inbound marketing probably doesn't exist. He lives, eats and drinks (lots) web.


Roger Warner. Social media is wired into his DNA. His SM outfit Content & Motion were the sassiest social bunch on the south coast, and success came through C&M merging with the Bynd crew. Just don't get him started on cricket though.