How do you stand out in the rising floodwaters of content?

...that's the core question I'll be discussing in a content strategy hangout on February 13th.

Five "old hands" at content marketing like myself will share their ideas and strategies for how to stand out in a noisy content market. I'll be joined by:


Ryan Skinner of Velocity Partners will moderate the Hangout.

We'll be reviewing a few campaigns that stood out for us as well as our own campaigns that failed to stand out. And hopefully answer questions like:

  • Is best practice a problem (as everyone does the same thing)?
  • Can tone of voice alone do the trick?
  • Does narrow persona-targeting kill social distribution?
  • Can scandal work?
  • Can great promotion save ho-hum content?
  • Is there real appetite within businesses to "stand out"?
  • Does virtue in online content win?

REGISTER TODAY. Should be fun!