EMEA vs Global B2B Marketing – culture clash or culture club?


Working in the software technology industry and based in the UK means invariably you're working for the European subsidiary of a US-headquartered business.

This often throws up lots of challenges, many of which I've experienced over the years.  There are inherent differences between planning and executing campaigns in EMEA vs US (let alone differences between different European countries). Languages and cultures, budget centralisation (or over-localisation) and global team structures can all result in marketing friction.

Its a topic dear to my heart, which is why I'm pleased to be taking part in a panel discussion on how EMEA regional marketing teams work most successfully, with (often US) centralised resources.

In this event you’ll learn how me and other practitioners from Zuora and Brother address issues related to running EMEA marketing in a global business.

The event's on Feb 28th at BPP Business School in London

If you want to hear some interesting debate you can sign up on the event website.