[Infographic] Things I say a lot on Twitter (this time it isn't personal)

I love a nice visualization - and was really taken by my work/life profile as envisaged by vizify

Its a nice, easy to set-up service that takes your facebook, linked, twitter, instagram and foursquare data and mashes it up into 5 or 6 neat graphics, fronted by a cool home page. 

Of particular interest was the twitter infographic below (click thru for the real thing), showing the words I use the most. As you can see, i'm all about marketing, b2b & silverpop. Which is no surprise as I took the decision mid-2012 to restrict my twitter posting activity to work-only content (I do follow non-work folk, but its consumption only). This wasn't a keep-my-personal-life-private decision, just a realisation that most of my followers come to me thru work engagements, and that I got very little interaction on personal content. So, like any good publisher, I paid attention to my readership. I stopped sharing my kids' experiences, family dinners and weekend check-ins and concentrated my valuable time on stuff people wanted to read & share. Thereby saving me a whole lot of wasted hours looking at my iPhone in the process! That said, I do get personal over on instagram (public access) and Facebook (invitation only). 

So give vizify a go - not only does it show your most used words, it also show those that get the most shares. And who knows, you may get to know a little bit more about what the people want and save yourself a lot of effort!