So many marketing books, so little time...


Like me you're probably constantly on the lookout for new ideas, ways of thinking and ways to work better. [It may even be why you're reading this post].

Personally I love nothing more than a good marketing/business book that leaves me inspired. But I'm notoriously bad at making the time to read long text. Or indeed choosing the right book to read in the first place.

That's why I'm pleased with the idea of the Silverpop Book Club.

We’ve curated some of our favourite books and reviewed them, plus asked leading authors to join us and share their expertise.

As a sneak preview – here are just some of the books & leading authors we have joining us for some special webinars over the next few weeks:

So let us be your digital librarian, and join us over at: Sign sign up for updates; it’s the best way to get the latest and greatest book club news and to join our events.

 **B2B Marketing Best Practice Footnote**

From a professional point of view, I love this initiative. Curation of 3rd party content is a great way for us to provide some value to our community, without picking up the megaphone & shouting about our products. It allows us to enter a different conversation with customers and prospects and by sharing innovative content show that we ourselves are aware of, and part of, the latest thinking.