Immediacy v Convenience.


I think we've all know for a long time that "convenience" is now a big part of the expected consumer experience. But I think many of us still don't get it. Remember when local grocery stores were called "Convenience Stores"? Well, yes they were convenient but they had limited stock and slightly dubious brand-obscure, nearly out of date goods. Yes, on some level convenient due to location, but not up to what we expect today.

Never more was that made more clear to me than this week when I was off sick for the first time in, well, probably five years. I needed a Doctor's appointment, so as everyone in the UK knows, with a following wind, a pot of good luck and a four leaf clover you might just, maybe, possibly, at a pinch get a Doctor’s appointment within 48 hours.

My wife suggested the Push Doctor app. I signed up, made an appointment, got an online video consultation with a Doctor within 10 minutes and medication was available at my local pharmacy within the hour. All before 9:30am.

It’s a well delivered service that’s both convenient and immediate. That’s what consumers expect now - the bar is high and it’s no longer good enough to be there with a product or service.